Gun ownership is our right.

Gun sense is our responsibility.

I grew up among cattle ranchers and farmers and I have many family members who are avid hunters. I am in no way opposed to gun ownership.

I grew up among teachers. I have been a classroom teacher for 28 years. Guns have no place in the classroom. Ever.

It's time for common-sense gun ownership and responsibility.

We need to reduce gun violence in New Mexico.

Background checks should be universal for all gun purchases. Whether purchased through a licensed dealer, at a gun show, or online, the same background check procedures should be mandatory.

We need a mandatory surrender law for felony convictions and in cases of domestic abuse. A woman's risk of being murdered increases five times when there are guns in the house.

High capacity magazines, "bump stocks," and other dangerous gun modifications should be outlawed. 

Gun Sense Candidate

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I am proud to have been designated a Gun Sense Candidate by Moms Demand Action. Support my election to bring a sensible approach to gun safety to the New Mexico House of Representatives.